Absent Memories is a band that was formed in Homedale, Idaho. Izzy Strikkes and Rylo Q have been the catalyst that brought the members together. The band materialized when the two started to play together in 2017. Izzy on the guitar and Rylo on the drums. A barebone rock duo. In October of 2019, Sal was introduced to the duo as a second guitar. This dynamic added a rhythm section for Izzy to shine on lead guitar.

The next piece of the puzzle came with the addition of Conner in late 2019. Conner and Izzy have been playing on and off again since 2014. The two share an interest in playing progressive and heavy metal music. Conner also has an impressive history of playing in touring bands. With this addition, Rylo moved away from the drums and took center stage on the microphone. For a while, this was the group as they worked on original pieces. They realized that they were missing a bass player and tried endlessly to recruit an old bandmate.

Brian was resistant to join the group at first, however after attending one of their practices he gave way to temptation. After playing with the group Brain stated that “He fell in love with music again”. With that, the final piece of the puzzle fell into place. Even though Brian refuses to show up for band photos and be involved in band discussions, he is the most pivotal and crucial member with those big and beefy bass lines. The songs would not be the same without his musical influence.